Multi-Service Travel API and Dashboard

By Developers. For Developers. A Unified API For   Air Hotels Activities Cruise Rails Cars Travel.

Integrations made simple

Building Blocks of Travel

Major GDS and Local Suppliers

Partnerships with major GDS and local suppliers provide you the widest variety of fares available on the market.

Salesforce Integration

Request fares, availability and manage bookings directly from Salesforce with the Kaptio Travel reservation platform

Travel API & Dashboard

Manage all API activities in the KaptioConnect dashboard – One single interface for all your services.

Travel API Built for Developers

RESTful API and comprehensive documentation to make development a fulfilling experience.

Request Access
$ curl  \
    -H "Authorization: KaptioToken YOUR_API_KEY" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
    -d '{
       "from: "FRA",
       "to": "NYC",
       "date": "2018-07-21",
       "passengers": [{ "age": "5" }, { "age": "31" }],
       "async": false,

How It Works

One Interface For All Your Services

Combine travel inventory sources to create your own unified distribution API which integrates to your website and Kaptio reservation system.

Combine pre-built and custom build connectors from multiple inventory sources and create a unified distribution API.

Kaptio Connect formats all inventory sources so you can integrate to all your distribution channels.

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